About Intact

IntAct is an initiative consisting of organizations that have signed the IntAct Statement of Principles and share IntAct’s mission. IntAct’s mission is to: Build consensus within the NGO community, international policy fora and the private sector on the need to prioritize the protection of primary forests.

IntAct will:

  1. Disseminate information and knowledge products to raise awareness of the unique and essential role primary forests play in meeting the objectives of key multilateral agreements including the CBD, UNFCCC and SDGs.
  2. Promote evidence-based and scientifically sound policies and market mechanisms that support and help prioritize primary forest stewardship and protection.
  3. Advance the full range of conservation-based approaches and protected area types that have a demonstrated capacity to enable primary forest protection and sustainable livelihoods, including: Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas, government protected areas, private protected areas and payments for ecosystem services mechanisms.

IntAct’s Interim Steering Committee

IntAct’s Interim Steering Committee includes:

Patrick Alley – Co-Founder, Global Witness

Kriton Arsenis – Former MEP, Founder RoadFree

Dr. Charles Barber – Senior Manager, Forest Legality Alliance, World Resources Institute

Dr. Dominic DellaSala – President, Geos Institute

Dr. Sean Foley – Chairman of the Board, The Samdhana Institute

Cyril Kormos – Vice-President for Policy, The WILD Foundation

Dr. Noelle Kumpel – Policy Programme Manager, Zoological Society of London

Prof. Brendan Mackey – Director, Griffith Climate Change Response Program, Griffith University

Virginia Young – Director, International Forests and Climate Programme, Australian Rainforest Conservation Society

Dr. Barbara Zimmerman – Director Kayapo Project, International Conservation Fund of Canada


A new global initiative to prioritize primary forest protection was first discussed by a number of NGO representatives at the 5th IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, South Korea in 2012. The idea for a new initiative was then advanced significantly at WILD10 in Salamanca in November of 2013, where 30 leading experts from around the world convened at the Earth Forests Roundtable for a day of discussions on primary forests in the Salón de Pinturas in the Colegio Arzobispo Fonseca at the University of Salamanca. Following the Roundtable, and with the generous assistance of a planning grant to The WILD Foundation from the Arcus Foundation, strategic planning meetings were held at the Zoological Society of London in May of 2014. IntAct was subsequently launched in November of 2014 at the 6th World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia.