About the Primary Forest Alliance

The Primary Forest Alliance is a coalition of organizations who have signed a call for a moratorium on industrial activity in primary forests and work to promote primary forest protection. We implement this mission by:


Disseminating information and knowledge products to raise awareness of the unique and essential role primary forests play in meeting the objectives of key multilateral agreements including the CBD, UNFCCC and SDGs;


Promoting evidence-based and scientifically sound policies that support and help prioritize primary forest stewardship and protection;


Advancing the full range of conservation-based approaches and protected area types that have a demonstrated capacity to enable primary forest protection and sustainable livelihoods, including: territories and areas conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities, government protected areas, private protected areas and areas protected under payments for ecosystem services mechanisms.

Primary Forest Alliance Steering Committee

Dr. Charles Barber – Director, Natural Resources Governance and Policy, World Resources Institute

Dr. Dominick DellaSala – Chief Scientist, Wild Heritage

Sarah Hertel – Science and Policy Program Manager, One Earth

Cyril Kormos – Executive Director, Wild Heritage

Bernard Mercer – Independent adviser / researcher, Mercer Environment Associates

Dr. Alicia Guzmán León – Deputy Director Amazon Program, STAND.earth

Prof. Brendan Mackey  Director, Climate Action Beacon, Griffith University (Science Adviser)

Tyson Miller – Executive Director, Earth In-Sight

Peter Riggs – Director, Pivot Point, A Nonprofit Corporation

Jennifer Skene – Natural Climate Solutions Policy Manager, International Program, Natural Resources Defense Council

Virginia Young – Director, International Forests and Climate Programme, Australian Rainforest Conservation Society

Dr. Barbara Zimmerman – Director Kayapo Project, International Conservation Fund of Canada